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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Activity 5: More about your DIGITAL self through digital collage


Activity 5: More about your DIGITAL self through digital collage.

As you have seen, my digital collage is shown up there ^

These applications are : Picasa, Google Apps, Plurk, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live, Youtube, Mozzila Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and last but not least, Blogger.

The URLS of these applications:

Google Apps
Windows Live
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

My favourite application is youtube, as i can search for interesting videos and dramas that i can see. Other then that, youtube also allows me to create playlist, making me able to put my favourite songs in the playlist, so i can listen to the music while doing other things.

For the digital collage, a Google Application called Picasa, and the link for it is stated above. Well, i used Picasa because.. I only have experience doing a collage using Picasa and I thought that Picasa is a great choice for doing this digital collage. The moment I read that I was supposed to do a digital collage, i thought of Picasa.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Task 2A

1) Suggested routes are by car, by walking and by public transit. For me, from my home to SST, the fastest transport is car, taking only 11 minutes, followed by taking the public transit, taking 25 minutes and walking which takes about 1 hour and 46 minutes.

Task 2B

1) b) Some places that you have been to overseas.

View Holiday at Taipei. in a larger map

3) In the places I have marked, these are the places that I went there to shop for clothings, CDs, and buy food. At Shihlin night market, we went to the places where they sell food, but not many people are there as most of the people in taipei usually go to the places which sell food. At Taipei 101, we were there for only awhile as the things sold there are not affordable for my family and I, so we went to the other places in taipei. In the wu fen pu, my family and I went there to shop for our new year clothing but I only managed to buy a skirt as the clothing sold there are all related to the winter series, but the clothing looked so nice, making me hope that there will be winter in Singapore. Overall, I really love this trip and I hope that I can go to Taiwan again.

Michelle, (M) 10 December 2009 8.53am.
Although creating this blog is an easy task for me as I have a blog, but, I think that I still have much more to learn then what I have known. I think that blogging can be a part of my learning experience as after I had my school lessons, I can write my reflection, reaction, what I have learnt in class all in my blog, making it like a diary. Furthermore, by blogging, it will also help to improve my english language, and i can write a composition better then what i did in previous years, without any help from reference books or papers that are given out by teachers. So, I think blogging regularly only has good advantages, but no bad advantages, thus, I encourage everyone to take up blogging as a hobby. Start it today!

[quote]End of task 1[/quote]

Lim Mei Zhi Michelle, (M), Monday, 07 December 2009, 8.26pm.

Looking at the clouds, I reminisce the past and think about the future, i can think of the happy things, sad things, like the moment when i saw i was admitted to SST, something happy, crying after seeing my friend cry, something happy, but like the cloud, my memories will also slowly fade away, and i will start to think about the future, like new clouds taking over the clouds drifting away... This is the reason why I wanted to post this picture and share it with all of you... I will continue moving forward to SST then.

Michelle, (M). :D Monday, 07 December 2009, 4.24pm